Have you heard of the Curly Girl Method?

Are you eager to find out about the Curly Girl Method? If you’ve pondered giving the Curly Girl Method a strive but had been unsure what it’s far all about, permit our crew right here at Clever Curl help you with the entirety you want with a purpose to end up a Curly Girl.

Since 2017, the crew right here at Clever Curl products had been a part of the Curly Girl movement, running carefully with our Curly Girl customers to recognize the wishes of an ordinary Curly Girl.

As a part of the studies and improvement of our merchandise, we additionally paintings very carefully along expert curl professional hairdressers. These specialists provide Curly Girl customers in hair salons throughout Australia. We have our very personal curl professional hairdresser in our salon crew that has been skilled with the aid of using Lorraine Massey herself!

Lorraine Massey

The Curly Girl Method, additionally called the CGM, is a technique to hair care designed mainly for obviously curly and textured hair. The technique is precise for hair that has now no longer been chemically or warmth straightened.

In 2001 the Curly Girl Method became brought to a much wider target market with the aid of using hairstylist Lorraine Massey, in her bestselling e-book, Curly Girl: The Handbook. As an expert hairstylist and curl professional, Lorraine has traveled the arena sharing her ardor and know-how for the herbal splendor this is curly hair.

Lorraine’s inspirational and releasing ee-ebook has ended up a bible for curly-haired men and women all around the globe and right here at Clever Curl, we inspire each person to shop for a replica and examine it two times earlier than you embark on your Curly Girl journey. Curly Girl: The Handbook is to be had from our pals at Curls Only.

The Curly Girl Method is a selected technique for the care and upkeep of all styles of curly hair to beautify the herbal splendor of the hair without using artificial or beauty upgrades.

Curly hair is a stunning and herbal human characteristic that merits being well-liked and embraced.

The Curly Girl Method has verified that many traditional tactics to hair care and hairstyling are adverse to the herbal fitness of curly hair. Let’s speak curly hair and the Curly Girl Method further.

Moisture is with inside the hair

Curly hair is extra vulnerable to dryness and frizz because of atmospheric situations than immediately hair. Therefore, the primary goal of the Curly Girl Method is to make certain that the curls are usually properly hydrated permitting the curls to be wholesome, vivid, and bouncy.

Hydrated curly hair will appear fuller, cleaner, more healthy, and shinier with no unpleasant frizz or fluffiness. So how will we hold curly hair hydrated? Here at Clever Curl, we’ve got damaged the Curly Girl Method down for you and we’ve got Curly Girl permitted merchandise that will help you acquire your curly hair dreams.

The basis of the Curly Girl Method is to deal with curly hair with the maximum appreciation the use of precise strategies designed to paintings with the curl now no longer in opposition to it. These strategies had been created to paintings with the hair gently, minimizing harm to the hair cuticle and maintaining the hair sufficiently moisturized in any respect times.

We realize that curly hair is extra vulnerable to dryness than immediate hair. We additionally realize that good enough moisture received from water mixed with the proper curly hair merchandise will intensify in preference to intrude with the hair’s herbal curl pattern. Curly hair bliss truly is achievable!

Go sulfate-free

Modern-day hair care merchandise presently to be had available in the marketplace incorporates many substances that can be harsh to human hair and proof suggests that curly hair is effortlessly disturbed with the aid of using those easy substances.

It is not an unusual place for ordinary hair shampoo to incorporate detergents and cleansing marketers, called sulfates, with a purpose to ease away the dirt, grease, sweat, pores, and skin cells from the scalp and hair.

Some of those sulfates are so robust they’re determined in commercial cleansing merchandise and engine cleaners. When used to easy human hair, those harsh cleansing marketers purpose  main problems; first of all the tough substances disrupt the herbal country of the hair cuticle inflicting it to be hard which in flip reasons frizz and dryness;

Secondly using harsh substances in hair care merchandise like shampoo can strip away the herbal oils produced with the aid of using the frame to moisturize the scalp and hair.