What is apricot kernel oil and how does it work?

Apricot kernel oil is a thing of an unsung hero of the elegance environment. Hardly ever talked about, most people today would be forgiven if they failed to even know apricots had kernels, enable by yourself oil. 

Apricots are family of peaches and almonds, and both also have oil extracted from their pit or kernel. These oils share a large amount of the exact homes as apricot kernel oil, which has been utilized in attractiveness and cosmetics for a long time. 

Apricot kernel oil also delivers some exclusive benefits, getting rich in various vitamins and omegas. Down below, we are going to break down what you want to know about apricot kernel oil, and why it might be a good addition to your skincare program.

What is apricot kernel oil?

The apricot has a very long historical past in cosmetics, skincare, and drugs. In accordance to Chinese custom, the historic health practitioner Dong Feng, who lived in the 3rd century, was an early proponent of their benefit to overall health and elegance. As an alternative of payment for his expert services, he required that all his individuals have to plant a person solitary apricot kernel, or in situation of really serious ailments, up to five. In time, his patients grew a terrific grove of apricots for use in his drugs.

Apricot kernel oil is harvested from the apricot seed, which is practically 50% oil. It has related houses as almond oil and peach oil, and it is frequently employed as a substitute in equally cosmetics and meals programs. 

Apricot kernel oil added benefits

Owing to its fragrant smell, viscosity, and moisturizing qualities, apricot kernel oil has lengthy been made use of in massage oils in India. Cultures of the Himalayas have typically utilised the oil to moisturize their hair and pores and skin and guard them in the dry arid disorders of the mountains.

  • Apricot kernel oil is an exceptionally light-weight oil and absorbs easily into hair and pores and skin, so it isn’t going to depart any greasy residue. 
  • Like most oils, it has moisturizing and protecting programs. It can deliver long-long lasting dampness to ruined and sensitive pores and skin, as perfectly as protect pores and skin and seal in other skin solutions to boost their outcomes. 
  • Like the incredibly intently similar almond oil, apricot oil can deliver speedy reduction to delicate and growing older skin, like that below your eyes.
  • Apricot kernel oil is usually bundled in a huge selection of hair items. As 1 of the finest carrier oils for important oils, it frequently mixes properly and achieves substantial amounts of synergy with other hair remedies.
  • Apricot kernel oil provides a obvious shine to hair that persists long just after application. 
  • Apricot kernel oil has been proven to correctly deal with psoriasis, which many men and women normally expertise on their scalp. 

All these characteristics incorporate up to apricot kernel oil currently being a single of the most functional and safe and sound ingredients in hair and skincare merchandise.

Are there aspect outcomes to using apricot kernel oil?

Apricot kernel oil is significantly additional comedogenic than some other oils out there and could direct to clogged pores. These who routinely encounter pimples breakouts need to stay away from this oil in favor of one particular that would not have comedogenic qualities.

The oil has no important facet outcomes normally, other than isolated allergic reactions. Allergic reactions to apricots are exceedingly unusual, having said that, and the fruit has a lengthy background of agriculture and use in human meal plans.

When to use apricot kernel oil (and when not to)

For dehydrated, aging, or even cracked skin, pure apricot kernel oil can help present rapid aid without having all the included ingredients of lotions and moisturizers. A tiny bit goes a lengthy way, and its stunning, refined, perfumey scent is like comfortable aromatherapy. 

Apricot kernel oil can be used as a procedure for hair harmed by dry and cold ailments, as very well as warmth treatments. A few very small dabs of oil on your fingers should really be enough to go by even for a longer time hair lengths to start out healing weakened strands and follicles.

Many attractiveness, skincare, and hair care merchandise consist of apricot kernel oil as an lively ingredient. With pure oil, always use a really smaller total. But with any pre-produced product or service that makes use of the rewards of apricot kernel oil, simply follow the directions for use on the product for a substantially less difficult and reliably safe application.

With the exception of those people with very oily skin or individuals susceptible to breakouts, apricot kernel oil ought to be protected for use.

How to use apricot kernel oil

For large spots of pores and skin, like your arms, arms, or legs, use a couple drops directly on the spot, then gently therapeutic massage the oil into your skin. The oil should really take up promptly devoid of any greasy residue.

For software on smaller regions like your deal with, dab a handful of drops on your fingers and apply evenly. After distributing the oil across the location, carefully therapeutic massage the oil to enable it penetrate deep into pores for utmost outcome. 

To utilize to your hair, insert a couple drops to your fingertips and brush by means of. Allow the oil sit for 30 minutes, and then wash and ailment.