Greta Thunberg Covers Vogue And Calls Out Fast Fashion

Vogue Scandinavia/Vimeo

Greta Thunberg goes off on quick trend in an Instagram submit about her Vogue Scandinavia protect

When most stars show up on the address of a journal, they write-up the photos on the web and give a shoutout to their makeup artist and photographer and converse about how psyched they had been to surface on [insert magazine cover name here]. When local climate activist and teen icon Greta Thunberg seems on the cover of Vogue magazine, she throws up a single photograph from the deal with on Instagram and is like, While I have your consideration, let us converse about how rapid style is contributing to the weather crisis. Greta, as always, stays a damn queen.

Thunberg appeared on the include of the 1st-at any time challenge of Vogue Scandinavia and although we’re absolutely sure she was honored by the difference by the famous fashion brand, Thunberg — as usually — employed the spotlight to chat about local climate adjust.

“The fashion field is a enormous contributor to the local weather-and ecological crisis, not to point out its affect on the many personnel and communities who are remaining exploited about the earth in buy for some to appreciate quickly style that many deal with as disposables,” Thunberg opened her no-holds-barred takedown in an Instagram put up.

“Many are making it glance as if the style field are starting to take duty, by spending fantasy quantities on strategies wherever they portray on their own as ‘sustainable,’ ‘ethical,’ ‘green,’ ‘climate neutral’ and ‘fair.’ But let’s be very clear: This is nearly in no way everything but pure greenwashing. You can’t mass develop manner or consume ‘sustainably’ as the planet is shaped nowadays. That is 1 of the many motives why we will want a procedure adjust,” the young activist continued.

Only the excellent Greta Thunberg can go on the address of the world’s finest manner magazine and chat about how the style sector is killing the weather. The confidence!

And she’s not completely wrong.

For example, it will take above 2,000 gallons of h2o to make a solitary pair of denims. Of course, there are makes hoping to come to be *a lot more* sustainable, like Levi’s H2o, which it says uses up to 96% less water in the manufacturing process. But as Good Housekeeping pointed out, “there’s no such thing as ‘eco-friendly clothing’ — i.e. all garments have at least some negative impact on the environment.” The most sustainable thing you can do is buy clothes that have already been worn before, i.e. second-hand clothes or new clothes made entirely from recycled fabrics.

Thunberg actually told Vogue Scandinavia, “The last time I bought something new was three years ago and it was second-hand. I just borrow things from people I know.”

Obviously, Vogue Scandinavia and fast fashion are not one in the same, so it’s not exactly like Thunberg is roasting the magazine, which Thunberg actually addressed in the interview.

“There is some kind of misconception about activists, especially about climate activists that we are just negative and pessimists, and we are just complaining, and we are trying to spread fear but that’s the exact opposite. We are doing this because we are hopeful, we are hopeful that we will be able to make the changes necessary,” Thunberg said in the interview.

It’s just extremely on-brand for the fiery queen to use her status as a magazine cover star for an imprint devoted to fashion to call out the same industry in one fell swoop. As always, iconic. You can see and read the rest of her interview here.