Broadstone Maker Quarter Apartments Review in San Diego, CA

Are you planning to rent an apartment in California’s southern-most city? San Diego is just a walk away from Mexico. Therefore, there’s a lot of things that this city could offer, be it for long-term or short-term visitors. Now, renting a long-term apartment in San Diego could be an entirely different story as you need to decide which apartment is the best.

In this article we will review one of the most popular apartments available in the city of San Diego. So, without further ado, here’s the review for Broadstone Maker Quarter Apartments in Broadway San Diego, CA.

Living in San Diego City

San Diego has been known as an industry hotspot. Years of investment has led the city to become one of the biggest centers for biotechnology, healthcare, and tech industry. So, if your purpose of moving to the city is to seek a job, then you’ve made an excellent option. One thing that you need to know is that the cost of living in the city could be very high. So, prepare yourself before moving in.

As previously mentioned, San Diego is only 25 km from Mexico. So, don’t be surprised with the multicultural society of the city. Multiculturalism is the reason behind the various festivals held in this coastal town. Other things that you need to know about San Diego is the possibility of earthquakes. Fortunately, the Broadstone Maker Quarter Apartments is one of the safest earthquake-proof buildings available. 

The costs

The most important thing that you need to know before renting a long-term apartment in San Diego is the cost. According to Zumper, you can easily find an apartment with the lowest price of $850 per month. However, this is not the case for the Broadstone Maker Quarter Apartments. The apartment is offered in a three room style. Of course, each of them comes with a different rent cost.

The studio-styled apartment comes with the price of $2,413, a reasonable price for a studio apartment in downtown San Diego. The most expensive apartment variation, the 3 bed, comes with the price of $4.381. The studio apartment is spacious. But, due to its style, it is more suitable for a solo renter. For families, it is recommended to get a 2 or 3 bed apartment.


Facilities are some of the most important elements to support your life in your apartment. Knowing what facilities you need the most is the key for finding the right apartment. In terms of facilities, price is the ultimate determinant factor. In general, cheaper rent costs means that you will likely get less facilities. On the other hand, higher cost means that you’ll get more. 

The Broadstone Maker Quarter Apartment is the perfect example for this. With monthly rent of $2,413 to $4,381, you will receive a decent apartment with tons of amenities. In a unit, you will get air conditioning, dishwasher, dryer, laundry unit, guest room, and decent internet speed.

The building is not bad either. With around that price, you will have full access to some of the most high-end facilities in the city, such as clubhouse, fitness center, garage parking, and picnic area. So, you don’t have to worry about spending your quality time in the Broadstone Maker Quarter Apartments. Holding a business meeting is also an easy task with the availability of a business center.

Access and vicinity

There’s a lot of recreational facilities that you can find in San Diego. From the San Diego Zoo to Balboa Park, these recreational facilities are only 4 minutes drive away from the Broadstone Maker Quarter Apartments. If driving is not your thing, you can also walk to nearby recreational facilities for around 30-40 minutes.

Being located on Broadway is also very advantageous in terms of access to various public facilities. From the Broadstone Maker Quarter Apartments, you will have decent access to 2 railway stations, 12 bus lines, and 38 schools. You will also get easy access to emergency services, such as San Diego Police and Naval Medical Center. If you like shopping, a shopping center like the Gaslamp is available within walking distance.

Final thought

The Broadstone Maker Quarter Apartment offers some of the best experiences of living in San Diego. With close vicinity to almost every public facility, you will have no problem finding a quick access to those places. On top of that, various apartment styles are also available for either solo or family renters.

The monthly cost of rent is also reasonably priced. For only $2,413 a month, you can have a studio-styled apartment room with air conditioning, a laundry unit, a cable TV, and a decent internet speed. For pet owners, the Broadstone Maker Quarter Apartment is incredibly welcoming to pets. So, you’re allowed to have 2 cats or 2 dogs for an apartment unit. However, there is a breed restriction that must be obeyed.