What are the manufacturing locations for Playtex bras?

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Playtex is one of the maximum famous undergarment manufacturers in America, however, are Playtex bras made with inside the USA? The Playtex emblem is not an unusual place to identify in large container shops throughout USA and famous Playtex bras consist of Cross Your Heart, 18 Hour, and Playtex Secrets. Playtex has been producing undergarments since 1947. They had been the primary organization to market its undergarments on tv (the 1950s) and to reveal a girl in a bra in a tv commercial (1970s). The Playtex clothing line, which incorporates bras, underclothes, and more, become offered to Hanes brands Inc. in 2006. Playtex bras and different Hanes emblem bras like Bali and Maiden form also are determined in large container shops nationwide.

Are Playtex bras made with inside the USA?

Nope. Hanes brand Inc. is an American-owned organization founded in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, however the production centers for Playtex bras are placed across the world, and Playtex bras aren’t made with inside the USA. Playtex has seventy-five years of records with inside the undergarment enterprise as an American-owned organization, so it’s miles disappointing that there aren’t any Playtex bra production centers with inside the USA!

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