What Are the Features of a Glock Fire Control Unit?

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A fire control unit (FCU) is a device that allows the pistol to fire when the striker is fully cocked. This device can be installed in a variety of firearms. A sig fire control unit features a fully cocked striker and polymer frames.


Whether you want to add a dedicated optic footprint, a shortened trigger guard, or an enhanced beavertail, the Glock fire control unit allows for customization. However, unlike a standard Glock, you won’t get factory support or be able to return it if it breaks. You are also at the mercy of boutique manufacturers, who can only sometimes match the lead time of Glock.

Sig Sauer’s Custom Works program is changing this process by allowing gun enthusiasts to purchase an FCU (Fire Control Unit). It’s a unique piece of firearm hardware that is serialized and can be customized to meet the owner’s unique requirements. 


The modularity of the Glock fire control unit allows the user to swap out the various parts of the gun. This allows you to switch out the barrel, slide, and frame. You can’t, however, swap out the barrel for a different caliber. However, it’s still possible to buy new parts and use them in a new model.

One of the key factors in the success of a Glock is modularity. Swapping out different parts and outfit your gun with the exact configuration you need is very simple. A modular design allows individual operators to use the same gun but add different accessories and capabilities. A Glock also has simple external controls, including a slide lock and trigger.

Modularity is also a big plus. Unlike other polymer-framed pistols, the FCU features an interchangeable trigger shoe and internal Picatinny mounting rail. You can also switch grips to accommodate different hand sizes or shooting styles.


Although most Glocks available today are Generation 3 or Generation 4 models, many older Glocks are still in service. Regardless, the ability to interchange parts is important for maintenance and customer support. The fire control assembly houses the bulk of interchangeable parts. Fortunately, most owners only bother to mess with it occasionally, but these parts are easily swappable if necessary.

In addition to the various types of fire control units, Glock also offers polymer holsters and matching magazine pouches. The company also offers optional recoil springs and triggers, slide stops, and magazine release levers. They also manufacture maritime spring cups, which allow the pistol to be fired after submersion in water. These special springs have additional openings, which increase their reliability.

Glock fire control units allow for interchangeability, which makes them more flexible in different scenarios. The fire control unit allows for a shorter trigger pull while eliminating pre-travel and mechanically staging the trigger further backward. This feature helps to prevent partially deactivating the firing pin safety and moving the cruciform dangerously close to the drop safety shelf.

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