Top 5 Effective Beginner Methods of Learning How to Draw

5 Drawing Tips for Beginners to Learn How to Draw

You may have ideas in mind of what to draw and feel you can do it. Unfortunately, you don’t know where to start or what you should do. You try, get it wrong every time, and begin thinking you cannot do it. The truth is that there is no formula for starting to draw. However, the best artists use various methods to create the best work. So, if you are a beginner who wants to know how to begin drawing, you can enroll for online illustration courses at Here are five methods you can use.

  1. Imaginative

This method that beginners use involves imagining a subject and drawing it on imagined lines. The procedure is intuitive and allows creativity. However, you need experience and imagination to draw a complex image.

  1. Tracing

Tracing is a simple and popular method among beginners. Many great artists confess to starting with this method before they can master drawing skills. So, why not try it? It involves drawing over another picture by copying its lines entirely or partially. So, you will need a photo with clear lines. You can then cover it with a fine piece of paper and trace the image. The best thing about this method is that you get a clean drawing with little effort. Unfortunately, it is not your drawing and limits you from drawing something of your own.

  1. Visual Stimulation

Visual stimulation is mainly for digital artists since it requires using light tables. It is essential and straightforward and makes it easy to analyze the sketch. It does not require an idea and one step leads to another. However, you need to use specific brushes and have a creative imagination.

  1. Gesture

You can use the rhythm in your object to create a sketch. It is easy to sketch, and you can complete the picture using another method. You will need an image for reference and use lines to analyze it. It is easy to learn to draw using this method, and you may not need to complete the details. It also gives you a bigger picture of what you want to create with less thinking. Nonetheless, you must have an artistic mind and be careful when drawing.

  1. Structural

Structural drawing starts to give you the actual skills. You need to understand the shape of the subject you are drawing to develop a workable structure. It begins with creating a sketch or skeleton of the object, but you will need a point of reference for your subject. Understand the system of the subject and use tracing or imaginative methods to draw the structure. The sketch will guide you on how to complete the drawing. With time, you can create images without a reference. It also gives you an imaginative outline of the lines to help complete the image. The only issue with this method is that it is easy to create a mess using too many guidelines. It also requires practice to create the best image.

Final Thoughts

These are the basic methods you can use to start drawing. So, choose the best way for you based on what you want to draw. It is always advisable to start small with something quick to help you become better as time goes by.

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