Tips to Create Wedding Invitation Video

No matter how fancy or simple you want your wedding to be, the invitation should be special! Amid the chaos of making everything seem outstanding, people mostly forget about paying much attention to their wedding invite. Gone are the days when generic wedding invitations used to be there. These days, invitation cards reflecting the whole theme of your wedding are created. 

Your wedding invitation should be able to portray how your guests can be an essential part of your journey and what difference their presence can make at your wedding. Thank god for technology that you can seek help from wedding invitation makers to make sweet and inviting videos for your wedding to shout out uniquely to your friends and family. 

So, if your wedding is around the corner, and you are still looking for wedding invitation ideas, you have landed at the right place. Through this post, we will introduce you to the best tips to create your wedding invitation with a video maker to send a special message of love to your dear ones.

  • Don’t forget any detail

It is vital to give all the necessary details in your wedding invitation. So make sure you jot down everything in your wedding invitation video, such as time, date, location, etc. You can use a good wedding invitation video maker to showcase your love story via the magic of words in the invitation while passing the details rightly to ensure everything goes well and no guys end up reaching the wrong place at the wrong time. 

You can opt for a traditional or modern theme for your wedding invitation video, depending on the theme of your wedding. The invitation can be fun and quirky or classy while being aesthetically alluring. For instance, if yours is a summer wedding, you can choose subtle or pastel shades in your wedding invite. Likewise, if it is a destination wedding, the video background can showcase guests with luggage and air or train tickets. Also, towards the end of the video, you can add a one-liner like “Time to book the tickets and pack your belongings”. 

  • Add your candid images and videos

To make your wedding invitation more personalized, consider adding your candid videos and photos to reveal your personality and love for each other. When you do so, it creates a tone for the wedding celebrations. Also, people will be overwhelmed by seeing fairytales like love and the story behind the same. You can showcase your love journey with your images and videos while creating a storyline, so go ahead and share some of those memorable moments which can make your invitation more attractive and love-filled. Also, you can give a voice-over with your video by taking some speaking shots and incorporating them to describe the story behind every picture. Besides, you can choose some romantic songs and quotations to tell your feeling and emotions. 

However, keep your videos short and sweet, let’s say about 1 minute or so, to prevent stretching them too much.

  • Colour and font selection

If you are putting so much effort into adding your pictures, videos, and love story to your wedding invitation, then why leave the colors and fonts behind? Using the right shades, fonts, and colors is equally important while designing your wedding invitation video. As per your wedding theme, choose suitable shades and fonts for completing the overall look. But, keep in mind to not overdo by adding too many colors or shades. Also, the font selected should be readable to avoid any miscommunication. It is recommended to not use bright and fluorescent shades and comic fonts for the wedding invitation. Such fonts and colors are kiddish and used for birthday parties. Make sure your selection is elegant and timeless. 

  • A nice ending

Your wedding invitation videos should end with a bang so that your guests can remember it forever. Think about making a hilarious ending so that it makes your guests laugh. You can select a one-liner like an early guest will get a surprise gift, or you can simply end the video with a note stating how valuable the importance of your guest is to you and what pleasure it can bring into the jubilation. 

Incorporating something emotional and romantic is another option if you don’t want to keep the ending comical. You can refresh the memory of your attendees by adding something heart-filling at the end. 

  • Feedback is important

Before sending your wedding invitation to the guests, it is suggested to forward it to your family and friends to collect some feedback. They can let you know if any changes are required related to video format, compatibility, etc. also, they can point out if the video is not opening or there is any error or disturbance in the same. If any issue is noticed, you can get it checked by a professional video maker or editor to ensure smooth working related to size, video type, and formatting. Additionally, you can use a good wedding video invitation maker to look up different templates so that you don’t need to worry about errors and glitches. Also, do not make a video more than 16MB in size, as heavy videos take more downloading time.

  • Make it yourself

You can make your wedding invitation from scratch all by yourself if you want to. When you put things all yourself, it reflects your love and hard work in each frame. You can take it as a DIY project wherein you will have to do brainstorming, designing, identifying styles, editing etc. Otherwise, you can also take help from a professional wedding invitation maker, charges for whom vary as per the project. You can find many wedding invitation designers online, and you can reach out to them to share your invitation theme and ideas. They also share many samples and ideas with you to make it easy for you to decide the theme you want to go for. Also, it is better if both you and your partner can get equally involved in this process to bring out the best.

To sum up

Weddings are an occasion which people remember for the rest of their lives. Therefore, you must make it big and special. Apart from setting up everything else for your wedding, you should also focus on the wedding invite to cherish for a lifetime. We hope with these tips above. You will be able to create a memorable wedding invitation for your big day. Also, don’t forget to seek help from a decent invitation-making software to make an impact.