‘The White Lotus’ Recap: The Body In The Water Is Revealed & Harper Confesses The Truth

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The White Lotus season 2 finale beings with Ethan still obsessing about Cameron and Harper possibly hooking up. He can’t get the image out of his head. Meanwhile, Cameron initially ignores Daphne’s calls to come to talk to their son. After angrily flossing, he rushes out to continue playing the part.

Albie’s still in throes of his honeymoon period with Lucia. He tells her that he’s going to help her. “Maybe you can come to LA,” Albie says to Lucia. As Albie makes plans that include Lucia, Dominic cries over what he’s done to his family.

Albie LuciaAlbie and Lucia in ‘The White Lotus.’ (HBO)

Tanya wakes up and finds Quentin whispering with a bunch of his acquaintances. They ask her about her night with Nicolo. “The whole night was like a dream,” Tanya says before wondering about Portia. Portia is still with Jack and finds her phone missing. She needs to call Tanya and knows she left her phone charging on the table. “It’s all going to be fine,” a sleepy Jack says.

Portia knows that something doesn’t feel right. Jack says that maybe she left it at the bar. Portia tells him that she had it last night in bed because she was looking for him on Instagram and couldn’t find him. Jack pulls her back into bed as Portia gets more and more worried.

A Karmic Payment & A Revelation

Later, Tanya goes back into one of the bedrooms and looks at the cowboy picture one last time. Quentin finds her in there, and she asks him about it.

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