The Unique Wedding Ring with a Mystic Twist!

If you are a student of Kabbalah, then you will understand that the trickery and evil eye is not just limited to people who hate Jews. The same can be said for those who believe in Islam, Christianity and other religions as well.

Wedding rings related to Kabbalah are a tradition that goes back to the early Middle Ages in Europe. The rings have been used as a protection against evil eyes from all sorts of people. Many other magical charms have been associated with Kabbalah for centuries.

Kabbalah wedding ring is traditionally worn on the right hand ( a man’s) or on the left hand ( a woman’s).

So how can you combine your love to Kabbalah and your wedding? A wedding ring with Haari Seven Blessings

Kabbalah will help protect you from this. The Haari Seven Blessings Kabbalah is a ring that has been blessed with the seven blessings of Kabbalah. These seven blessings are one of the most important aspects of Kabbalah. The seven blessings are:

1. Kedushah (holiness)– The kedushah of the wedding ring protects against all evil

2. Shechinah (Divine presence) – This is the most important blessing of all. It is the Shechinah that we are supposed to focus on when praying, studying and meditating. How can it be possible to feel the Shechinah if you are not praying or studying?

3. Binah (Understanding of the secrets of God) – This is the final blessing that one receives when they have gained all the other Kabbalah blessings. The secret of the Shechinah and Binah are not just a mystery to us, but a source of puzzles for generations of mystics.

4. Din (reverence for God’s will) – This is the last blessing of the Tree of Life. It is by far the most important one, because it allows you to be in complete harmony with God’s will. When you have this blessing, every aspect of your life will come to pass according to God’s plan.

5. Gevurah (strength) – This is the sixth and final blessing of the Tree of Life. This blessing is what makes you strong enough to overcome any obstacle put in your way by others, so that you can be in complete harmony with God’s will.

6. Hod (wisdom) – According to Kabbalah, Hod represents the mind. This is what gives you the wisdom and knowledge to know how to overcome any obstacle put in your way by others, so that you can be in complete harmony with God’s will. 7. Yesod (foundation) – This is the seventh blessing of the Tree of Life.

7. Chesed (loving kindness). The Kabbalistic blessings are a way to connect with your soul, to connect with God and ask for his help.

Isn’t this great? The fact that you could get all 7 Blessings of the Kabbalah with the best gift of your wedding?

we are so excited about this idea and we want you to join us too. You are the only person that can see what’s happening in your life, how you feel and how things are going. Your soul is your closest friend. When you start to connect with it, your whole world changes.

it’s not cheap, we know, but at least you’ll know where the money goes. You will be so happy to know that you are part of this project, it’s a great way to support Israeli Artists and a great idea to give your wedding blessings. We love you and we wish you the best!