Sustainable Fashion Week 2021: Timings, Events and Schedule

Sustainable Fashion Week 2021 (SFW) is the first fashion week of its kind, focusing on up-skilling, inspiring, empowering and supporting a change in our relationship with fashion. Running from Saturday 11th to Sunday 19th September, it gives everyone the chance to be part of the sustainable fashion movement.

Originally planned to take place in April 2020, SFW had to cancel its first few dates due to nationwide lockdowns around the country. Now, with the green light to go ahead, there is lots to look forward to throughout the week. While it will be predominately based in Bristol, there are lots of pop-up events being hosted elsewhere, so it’s a good idea to check your local area for any events taking place.

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What is Sustainable Fashion Week all about?

Unlike global fashion weeks which showcase seasonal trends, this sustainable movement will share information to empower people to make lower impact fashion choices. From virtual events to helpful upcycling tips, it will provide people with all they need to begin new fashion habits that don’t harm the planet.

“We are all wearing the land on our backs,” Amelia Twine, SFW Founder, says. “Whether the fibres are natural or synthetic, their origin is the land. We should enjoy the immense possibilities clothing gives us to express ourselves, but should never forget that we are, in every second, connected to the soil and the wider natural world through the fabric touching our skin.”

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The core objects of Sustainable Fashion Week include:

1. Sharing information about the environmental and social issues faced by the fashion industry.

2. Increase awareness of sustainable alternatives to buying fast fashion and buying more than we need.

3. Inspire a diverse range of people to be part of the sustainable fashion movement, wherever they may live.

4. Prompt action by individuals towards more sustainable behaviour in relation to fashion.

5. Help empower people to use their influence to move the fashion industry towards a more sustainable model.

6. To gather information on barriers to participation and to measure our impact on the ground.

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    How can you get involved with Sustainable Fashion Week?

    There is heaps to enjoy during SFW, including community events (click here to find out what’s on in your local area), pattern cutting workshops, clothes swaps, upcycling sessions, vintage pop-ups, talks with industry professionals, and in-person panel sessions in Bristol.

    It’s worth knowing that lots of events need booking in advance, so don’t forget to purchase your ticket before you attend. You can easily do this online.


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