Street Style From Day 1, New York Fashion Week Spring 2022

Beverly Nguyen, 31, Stylist | @thatgirlbeverly| Wearing Ulla Johnson and Proenza Schouler shoes.
Photo: Liisa Jokinen

Coming off of three seasons of no-IRL shows because of the pandemic, NYFW is back, in person and in full swing, for spring/summer 2022. After a year and a half of not having a reason to wear our favorite threads and accessories, we can finally dig into the closet and bring them out, to see and be seen once again. Photographer Liisa Jokinen, creator of NYC Looks and founder of Gem, caught these stylish NYFW attendees on day one outside of Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Elena Velez, Peter Do, and Proenza Schouler. Scroll down to see their styles and hear how their looks came together.

Funmi Akinyode, 29


Maryam Nassir Zadeh dress and boots. Cassandra Mayela bra and bottoms.

“After spending so long in lockdown and mourning the outfits that never got to have their moment, I’m all about pulling a full look. The days of me second guessing myself and asking if something is ‘too much’ are over. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Might as well look your best while you still can.”

Mina Alyeshmerni, 34, Designer


Vintage pants, Hyein Seo top, Lululemon scrunchie, Maryam Nassir Zadeh shoes, Building Block bag.

“I’m always inspired by menswear, unique shapes, silhouettes, and drapes, but currently embracing a ’90s e-girl femininity. Anything comfortable with a wink. Being wrapped in swathes of summer fabrics.”

Rachel Tashijan, Fashion Critic for GQ


Malvika Sheth, 22, Digital Creator


C/MEO Collective printed dress, Nanushka purple wrap dress, Jeffrey Campbell boots, JW Pei handbag, and Urban Outfitters sunglasses.

“I created the look knowing that I wanted to share and embody a piece of my culture. The flowers in my hair are from my traditional Indian classical dance (Bharata Natyam) ensemble. When it comes to the color combo, purple and orange is the color of one of my most special Bharata Natyam costumes. Also though, I’d definitely say the fact that we’re nearing Halloween helped!”

Courtney Trop


“I am inspired by ease. My shoes are Gucci, rest is Miriam.”

Shayna Arnold


Vintage Gianni Versace top, Maryam Nassir Zadeh shorts and boots, and bag from Venice, Italy.

“My style is inspired by textures and subtle intros of color.”

Quincie Zari, 28


Thrifted sheer orange top and purple top, thrifted zebra-print skirt and zebra-print boots from @cityjunknyc.

“Currently inspired by loud prints and lots of color.”

Marissa Baklayan, 23, Stylist and Casting Director


Vintage Plein Sud top, Karly Laidlaw pants, Balenciaga shoes and sunglasses, Dries van Noten bag.

Morgan Vickery, 24


1960s Afghan vest, Zimmerman blouse, vintage cowboy boots, 1940s amber resin purse, and cicada earrings.

“My style is inspired by fusing different eras, experimenting with traditionally gendered clothing, and mystic symbolism. I feel my best when my soul is reflected on the outside as well, and garments have a beautiful way of expressing that.”

Nicholas Mackinnon, 30, Stylist


Vintage Burberry shirt, vintage Jordache shorts, vintage Gucci loafers and vintage jewelry, Mulberry bag and sunglasses.

“I am usually inspired by ’80s and ’90s fashion and channeling that kind of cartoonish opulence of a certain wealthy older woman. It’s the first fashion week back since COVID started so I am trying to have fun and not take it so seriously.”

Rocky Snyda, Musician


“Rihanna is inspiring me so heavy right now. But also just letting myself be inspired by the people and things around me and still being authentically me.”

Amy Julliette Levéfre, 26, Digital Creator


Hellessy top and bottom.

“This city inspires me all the time, just seeing everyone’s amazing style, I’m always watching and learning different ways of street style.”

John Yuyi, Visual Artist


​​Whole look from Peter Do, except for Prada headscarf.

“I’m in the mood for long braids this week. Feeling Pisces. Gonna keep this look for a little bit longer.”

EJ Ellison, Model and Stylist


Vintage suit.

“My style is inspired by how I’m feeling that day. This morning I woke up and chose suiting! Good lines never go out of style!”

Yan, 27, Photographer


Peter Do two-piece faux-leather blazer, Daily Paper dress, YSL purse, Ganni boots. 

“I always like to play in between what’s particularly perceived as feminine and masculine. The Row, Peter Do, or Jil Sander, etc. I have way too many oversized/structural blazers and pants that are giving me the most confidence and comfort to be in. I think nowadays fashion doesn’t always have to be painful.”

José Criales-Unzueta, 26


Elena Vélez top, Random Identities pants, Syro boots.

Jérôme Lamaar


5:31 shirt and Rick Owens bottoms.

Dalia Drake​​, 29 


DICARA outfit.

“Currently what inspires me is my friend @s.Val. I got to take her to Proenza as her first show ever. She looked at the designers’ summer and spring line and said that we needed to wear leather and I said, ‘Let’s go with it, just give me some color!’”

Anéka Aitimova, 32, Fashion Influencer


Cult Gaia dress, Jonak shoes, Polene bag, Victoria Beckham sunglasses.

Dusty, Designer


Becky Akinyode, Stylist


ATOMIC Rework and SC103.

Photographs by Liisa Jokinen

Liisa Jokinen is the creator of NYC Looks street style site and founder of the Gem vintage search app.