Spring face care

There are always some nuances in the care of any skin type. Of course, all of them can be easily corrected thanks to the chemical PRX-T33 peeling. But, anyway, when choosing a light or oily cream, you should definitely familiarize yourself with its composition and, of course, consult with your beautician about which remedy is best for you. It is equally important not to forget about cleaning the skin!

How to restore the skin after winter?

First of all, it is recommended to consult a specialist to determine the condition of the skin. It is also worth taking into account that in addition to visual diagnostics, the doctor also has a hardware one. Today, there are many special computer diagnostics that will accurately determine the quality of the skin and help make a list of care and restorative products. Among them are such diagnostic devices as Antera 3D or VisioFace. This will be one of the best investments as you will get a detailed analysis of your skin condition.

What should be the daily beauty routine to tone the skin, give it an even tone and an overall healthy look?

We would break down your daily beauty routine into 5 main components:

1) Skin cleansing

This is the most important element of the daily beauty routine.

  1. First, we remove makeup or wipe our face with micellar water to capture all the unwanted particles that we accumulate throughout the day.
  2. Next, if you have long-lasting makeup, you need to use more viscous textures to completely cleanse the skin.
  3. Removal of sebum residues from the surface of the epidermis: everything that remains on the skin after preliminary cleansing is washed off. This maneuver opens the pores. For these purposes, we recommend the following tools:
  • Milk – for dry and normal skin;
  • Gels – for normal, oily, and combination skin;
  • Foams and mousses – for all skin types, including sensitive ones.
  1. Home scrubs, peelings, gommage. Specific products for deep skin cleansing not on a daily basis. How often and what kind of remedy is necessary for your skin, ask your doctor.

2) Skin toning

After opening the pores and cleansing the skin, it is necessary to tone it with a tonic or lotion. Toning is a very important stage of care, regardless of whether we are talking about mature or problematic skin.

Tonics are moisturizing, normalizing the pH balance, and cleansing – acid-based. Toning restores the pH balance on the surface of the skin and improves the penetration of nutrients, serum, and cream into the dermis.

3) Application of serum after toning

They come in both care and therapeutic purposes, so the serum must be selected according to skin type and intended purpose. You can also use more than one serum, but a combination of two, three, or even five (depending on the task).

4) Applying a cream or emulsion according to skin type.

5) Applying sunscreen with an SPF of at least 20 or 30. SPF may already be included in your skincare cream, so be careful.

What products should be included in your beauty list for everyone?

  1. To cleanse the skin: universal products that are suitable for any type of skin are foams and mousses.
  2. For toning any skin, including sensitive, a product with an NMF factor (Natural Moisturizing Factor, natural moisturizing factor) is suitable. NMF is responsible for natural hydration and moisture retention.
  3. To protect the skin, you must use a cream with SPF.

We also want to note that many people forget about special care for the most sensitive areas of our face: the skin under the eyes and lips. Particular attention should be paid to the skin in the neck area, and for the periorbital area, it is necessary to choose a separate cream. And the same cream can be used for lips, as the skin in these areas has the same degree of sensitivity. And we want to dispel the common myth that serum is not suitable for these delicate areas. Serum, cream, and additional fluid are necessary for these areas since the skin here is very thin and does not have subcutaneous fat, which means it requires more thorough care.