Scalp Micropigmentation could save your biggest day in your life.


The excitement you might feel after first getting engaged often dissipates quickly when you realize all the planning, decision-making, and money that go into having a wedding. Combined with all the normal day-to-day tasks of working and having a personal life, the time leading up to your wedding is often incredibly stressful. For many, increased stress levels could lead to hair loss and excessive shedding, which is the last thing a bridegroom wants to experience before the wedding.

For these and other reasons, like genetic pattern baldness, medical conditions like Alopecia Areata, appearing bald on the wedding day is most grooms’ nightmare. They may try different hair loss solutions prior to their special day in order to not appear bald on the day. One of the options is hair transplant but if they hadn’t  planned 8 months or so prior to their wedding day to have the surgery done it will be too late for them since hair transplant will not provide instant results they may have to wait 6 months or so to see a result, Wig is another option but what if the wig falls off on the mid-ceremony like what happened in India earlier this year. That would be a total embarrassment, wouldn’t it? Hair fiber is another option for thinning hair. The thing with hair fibers is that you have to pray for the rain not to come or warn someone not to blow champagne on you. Another solution most people don’t know about but that is a good solution is Scalp Micropigmentation. 

Scalp Micropigmentation is a cosmetic tattoo that provides instant and permanent results. It gives an illusion of a closely shaven full head of hair with a hairline on a bald head or adds density to thinning hair.

‘SMP, if done properly, is a game changer for bald people, it is life-changing and a confidence booster not only for the special day but also for the later years. Scalp micropigmentation is relatively a permanent solution that will stay up to 4 years on the scalp,’ said Alemayehu Bete, owner of Scalpalex Scalp Micropigmentation, one of the best scalp micropigmentation providers in the world.

If being bald for your wedding worries you, scalp micropigmentation offers the perfect solution. It is a good option that gives you a shaved head look or adds density to thinning hair, providing a youthful appearance and skyrocketing confidence on your special day. 

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