Sainsbury’s continues to remove single-use plastic lids

UK retailer Sainsbury’s will be removing more single-use plastic lids from its own brand ranges, with dips set to be the next product that will see the change.

From March 2023, household favourites such as guacamole, tzatziki and sour cream and chive dip will no longer be sold with single-use plastic lids.

Since 2019, Sainsbury’s has removed single-use plastic lids from a wide range of products including cream, crème fraiche, custard, cottage cheese and sour cream. Earlier this year, Sainsbury’s also removed single-use plastic lids from all own brand yoghurt.

The removal of the single-use plastic lids is expected to save 71 million pieces of plastic each year in total, equating to 220 tonnes of plastic.

For customers that would prefer to use a lid on products at home, Sainsbury’s has launched reusable lids. Customers will be able to find the lids in-store in the dairy aisle and can be used on own brand pots, as well as some branded pots.

Removing single-use plastic lids is just one of the ways the retailer is working towards its commitment to halve its use of own brand plastic packaging by 2025. Sainsbury’s recently changed its entire coffee pods range from plastic to aluminium pods, allowing customers to recycle them at home and helping to save over 10 million pieces of plastic each year. Sainsbury’s also launched new double-length toilet rolls, reducing plastic packaging by 30% equating to 84 tonnes of plastic.

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