Paint with Vintaj® Patinas on New Leather Cuffs –


Design with NEW Leather Cuffs with snaps. Paint, rivet, or weave stringing materials between the strands. Or leave it as it since it’s a ready-to-wear cuffs that has two snaps to easily adjust between two size lengths.

Leather Cuffs

Our selection of leather cuffs comes in three different sizes. The similarities with all three sizes is their two snap option. You can adjust between the two snaps to lengthen or shorten the cuff.

20.5cmx1.5cm Leather Cuff: These cuffs are 20.5cm in length, while it’s 1.5cm wide. They are made with genuine leather from LeatherCord USA. Get them in 7 colors:

21.5cmx3.2cmm Leather Cuff: These cuffs are 12.5cm in length and 3.2cm in width. They have a wide band that you can easily punch holes in them and embellish. They are made with genuine leather from LeatherCord USA. Get them in 4 colors:

And lastly these Shredded Leather Cuffs looks really trendy! They are 9 inches long and 1.875 inches wide with 2 snap options for a 7 or 7.5 inches wrist length. Made from cow hide, they already have cuts in the leather to mimic a multi-strand look! Get them in 12 color ways:

DIY Leather Cuff with Vintaj Patinas

So with these bracelet cuffs, Tory was inspired to paint some Vintaj Patinas onto the cuff! She used different paints and made hash marks with brushes and also dots! How will you create with these leather cuffs? To paint with patinas, check out our video where our friend Candie Cooper joined us in painting leather with Patinas. CLICK HERE for video.

Items used in first bracelet: TL00347 and Z011785.

Items used in second bracelet: TL00297, TL00323 and Z011989.

Designed by Tory.

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