How to Tailgate Local Sports Events with Custom-Printed Blue Canopy Tents

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Local sporting events are back! After months of delays, crowd restrictions, and other hassles – local sporting events are finally back. From college football to state basketball, many sporting events are right around the corner across the country.

College sports returning to normal is great news for small, local businesses. These sporting events give local, small-scale brands the ideal opportunity to “tailgate” and promote their brands.

Tailgating Local Sports Events to Promote Your Brand

Tailgating a sporting event is the practice of hosting small gatherings in and around the event space. From kid’s soccer tournaments to college basketball games – there are many chances to tailgate sporting events this year.

Brands can capitalize on these opportunities by hosting fun, successful mini gatherings at the event locations. Tailgating a sporting event isn’t difficult. All you will need is a custom-printed blue canopy tent, tables, chairs, food/beverages, and other marketing material.

The custom-printed tent will attract the crowd. As they enter your tent (or communicate from outside), you can educate them about your brand. Here are some other reasons why tailgating sporting events is a great promotional technique for local, small-scale brands –

  • You get to meet hundreds or even thousands of high-energy consumers face-to-face. Selling your brand in such a high-energy, positive atmosphere is a relatively easy process.
  • If your brand shows support for a specific team at these events – even better. For example, at home games, people always cheer for the local team. Custom-print the local team’s logo on your marketing tent. Pretty soon, the local supporters (i.e., your target customers) will grow affinity for your brand.
  • At stadiums and arenas, brand leaders get a lot of space and time to set up their marketing tents. They can use multiple branded tents to cover larger spaces and reach out to wider audiences.

How to Tailgate Sporting Events with Custom-Printed Tents

Firstly, you’ll need the right tent. Use bright-colored tents with brand details (name, logo, etc.). Also, print graphics of the local team you’re rooting for on your tent. A well-designed tent will instantly attract attendees.

  • Set up a small table full of freebies or product samples inside or near your personalized pop-up tents. These custom-printed giveaway items will boost your brand’s reputation. Give away free (and branded) pom-poms, foam fingers, keyrings, etc., from the tent.
  • Make sure your brand representatives are comfortable at these events. Always pick pop-up tents made of UV-resistant fabrics. These tents remain cool and comfortable, even when they’re placed under direct sunlight. They’ll keep the brand representatives safe and cool at all times.
  • Hashtags, social media contests, and brand campaigns have all become important elements of modern-day sporting events. Make use of these elements in your promotional efforts. Custom print your brand’s social media details, special hashtags, and photos on the promotional tents. Ask attendees to part-take in these social media-based engagement campaigns.

Tailgating with pop-up tents is fun because you’re never limited to a specific location. You can easily dis-assemble and move these light tents to cover the most high-traffic areas at different events.