How L’Zur Skincare And Cosmetics Is Giving Women Around The World A Voice

L’Zur is a Skincare and Cosmetics brand created by women for women. Its Founder is Zeenat Sheikh. Her passion is to help women who have been oppressed and/or are in distress. Her brand, L’Zur Skincare, and Cosmetics didn’t start as a skincare and cosmetics company. It started as a non-profit organization, The Voices of L’Zur, which caters to women in distress, and also women who feel as though they are physically/emotionally abused.

Zeenat’s dream is to build a fully-funded women’s center where these women can learn and grow. She wants to help these women, who feel silenced, find their voice. Her mission is to help as many women as possible. To finance the foundation, a percentage of all L’Zur’s skincare and cosmetics sales will be donated to the non-profit organization.

Zeenat’s rise to the top wasn’t by wishful thinking. As a child, she assisted her mother with the sales of make-up products such as Avon and Mary-Kay. It built her passion for the beauty industry. Through that, she discovered what her true passion was, which is to make a long and lasting impact.

During her college days, she worked at a retail store as a make-up artist at the NARS counter. This further fueled her passion for make-up and made her fall in love with the cosmetics world. She became an executive and district manager for luxury brands around the tri-state. With this experience, she went to cosmetology school and got her license and certificates, leading her to thrive in the beauty industry.

As a skincare and cosmetics enthusiast, Zeenat often reminds people that a minimal skincare routine is OKAY! Skincare routines do not have to be a long and complicated procedure to be effective. Zeenat is confident that her brand will help people feel beautiful without using 20 different products and spending endless hours on their routine.

Zeenat emphasizes healing from within and the need to focus on a healthy lifestyle in all areas. “It isn’t about the products we use, but the food we eat, people we surround ourselves with, and our overall lifestyle.”

Zeenat is filled with extensive knowledge of what she sells to her clients. She’s very much aware of false claims; therefore, she chose not to sell what she doesn’t fully and whole-heartedly believe in. When she started her brand, she thought, “if I claim that this product has certain vitamins and benefits, then it has to meet the requirements of my claims.” She tells people in FULL confidence that L’Zur Skincare and Cosmetics is a brand that lives up to its claims.

Zeenat aims to reach high-end, luxury retail stores and to be known for creating and selling clean, simple, and luxurious products. She wants every woman to know exactly what they are applying to their skin and how beneficial or damaging the ingredients are. She continues to encourage women that “using less is more.”

Her top 2 dreams are:

  1. To open a holistic healing center in the USA
  2. To help women worldwide with The Voice of L’Zur non-profit organization and open fully funded women’s learning centers.

Zeenat plans to open holistic centers to help people overcome their addictions. She was on opioids for seven years, and the doctors told her they would become a regular part of her life. At one point, she didn’t have her medications and was admitted to the ER. It was at that moment she realized the medications were doing more harm than good.

She was accidentally overdosed during her recovery treatment and was rushed to ER, and at that point, all she could hope for was that God would spare her life and give her one more day. There was so much that came to her mind, so many things she felt were incomplete, and she began to pray she wanted one more day. She woke up the next morning to see about 15 doctors and nurses clapping their hands around her, saying, “you are a miracle, and you are meant to live for something bigger.” It was at this point that she began to truly believe in herself.

After Zeenat’s overdose, she made it her life’s mission to help other people who need to overcome their own addictions by creating holistic centers. The holistic centers will cater to all aspects of the patient’s well-being.

To Zeenat, this is about much more than skincare and cosmetics. It is about building a community of strong, brave, and confident women worldwide, who get to, and choose to, do life TOGETHER! Because we need UNITY now, more than ever before!