Here’s Exactly How Their Policy Works

Abercrombie & Fitch is a popular American clothing store known for supplying trendy clothes to teens and young adults. Whether you are buying an item online or gifting A&F clothing this season, there’s always the potential you may need to make a return. It’s important to fully understand Abercrombie’s return policy so you can get the most out of your return. Read on to learn the exact things to keep in mind when trying to make a return at Abercrombie.

Abercrombie Return Policy: Here's Exactly How the A&F Policy Works

How Many Return Days Does Abercrombie Allow?

30 days.

You have 30 days after purchase to return your Abercrombie item(s) to receive a full refund.

Don’t forget to bring your original sales receipt when making the return.

Do I Need My Receipt?


If you want money returned to your original form of payment, YOU NEED your original A&F sales receipt.

If you DON’T have your receipt, your return will be considered an “after 30 days” return and you’ll be stuck with store credit in the form of an Abercrombie e-gift card.

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Can Items Be Worn or Laundered?


You technically cannot return items that have been worn or laundered as this will impact the original condition of the item.

That being said, if you wore the item, but still have the original tags on it, you can potentially return the item as long as it maintained its original condition.

What Happens if I Lost My Receipt?

Unfortunately, you cannot return your purchase without your original receipt, invoice, or order confirmation.

Luckily, if you made an online purchase that you’d like to return, you can easily locate your receipt/ order confirmation that was sent to your email.

Does Abercrombie Offer an Extended Holiday Return Period?


Abercrombie does have an extended holiday return policy.

If you made a purchase anytime between November 1 and December 21, you can make a return and still receive a full refund anytime up until January 31 of the new year.

Are Any Products Not Returnable?

Only face masks.

It appears the only item that is not eligible for return at Abercrombie are face masks.

For some other questionable items like women’s swim bottoms, intimates, and more, as long as the product has its hygiene liner still attached to the product, and the original tags are on the item, you can return them.

The key is to have the A&F product in the same condition as when you originally bought it.

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Do Online Orders Have the Same Policy?


Online orders at Abercrombie follow a similar return policy in that you have up to 30 days from the date of the shipment of the order to receive a refund.

Be aware that you technically have less than 30 days because it will take the order time from the shipment date to get to your home.

And, the 30 days takes into account the time it takes for the item to be returned/processed, so consider not waiting until the last minute to make a return because it will take time to process your return item(s).

Any returns that are received/processed after 30 days can still receive a refund only via merchandise credit.

The credit will be sent as an e-gift card sent to the email address that you used to make the order.

Can I Do an Exchange on an Online Return?


To make it happen you NEED to include the following with your online return:

  1. Full Item Name.
  2. Size requirement.
  3. Color requirement.

Make sure you’re explicit about what you’re exchanging, especially if requesting a size and color different than the original A&F item purchased.

Who Pays Return Shipping Costs?

You, the customer, are responsible for the return shipping costs.

$7 will be taken off your original refund value to pay for the shipping return label costs.

Keep this in mind if you are deciding to make your return in-store or online.

Always opt for an in-store return if you live close to an Abercrombie store.

How Do I Make an Online Order Return?

To return online at Abercrombie, follow the below steps.

1. Start your online return process by clicking HERE.

2. If you wish to track your return, consider using the return service. The fee to use this service is $7 and will be deducted from your total refund amount.

3. Once you’ve securely attached your shipping label to your box with your return items inside, ship your order.

Keep in mind, it may take up to three weeks since you shipped your return before you receive your refund.

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