Guide to Jewelry Findings

Guide to Jewelry Findings | Golden Age Beads

If you’re new to rings-making, you will be questioning what rings findings are and why you want them. In this guide, we’ll be jogging thru the maximum, not unusual place forms of rings findings that you’ll stumble upon and the way they may be used.

The term “rings findings” refers to rings-making additives that aren’t beads, gemstones, or stringing materials. Findings are the fine details that assist you to piece your rings together. Examples of findings consist of bails, clasps, bounce jewelry, connectors, or head and eye pins.

They are normally to be had in lots of unique steel finishes, together with gold-tone, silver-tone, vintage silver, vintage brass, copper, and gunmetal.

Why are those little additives known as findings? Well, in ancient times, jewelers needed to make each ring piece via way of means of hand. In the one’s days, jewelers might make findings from leftover bits of steel, and eventually, those leftover additives have become referred to as findings.

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Thankfully, these days you may now purchase findings as you notice them of their gift form, saving you an entire heap of time!


Bails are used for attaching a focal bead or issue to a series to make a pendant. Using a bail affords a clean manner to connect a pendant to a series, with no metal smith or soldering strategies being required.

Bead caps

Bead cap findings are very available for supporting to get dressed up your beads. You can provide your beads with an ornamental element or cowl imperfections without difficulty via way of means of putting bead caps at both stops of a bead while stringing. You can without difficulty flip an undeniable bead right into a focal piece for a pendant, simply via way of means of including bead caps!


Chandeliers are frequently used as earring connectors. You could make stunning dangly Smyckesdelar with those via way of means of including beads (on a headpin) or chain to the connecting holes. An ear wire may be connected to the pinnacle connecting hollow.


Clasps are used while making necklaces or bracelets. A clasp is an issue that lets the 2 ends shut together. Clasps are extraordinarily useful and due to the fact they may be to be had in lots of unique shapes and patterns, they also can upload the suitable final touch on your project.


Earwires (as you’ll likely have guessed) are used for making jewelry. The ear wire itself is going thru pierced ears. You can connect beads, beadwork, steel additives, or even buttons to the connecting hollow to make plenty of unique earring patterns!

Head and eye pins

Head and eye pins are used with beads to make additives for jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, and more. Simply slide some beads onto a headpin after which use ring pliers and cutters to make a loop to allow you to attach it to every other issue e.g. an ear wire.

Headpins both have a flat or spherical stop that acts as a stopper so that your beads won’t fall off. Eye pins, however, have a connecting link. In this approach, you may join different head or eye pins to them to make longer portions of jewelry.

Jump jewelry

Jump jewelry is used as connectors in rings-making. The maximum not unusual place form of bounce ring is spherical, however, you may additionally discover oval bounce jewelry. There are forms of bounce jewelry: open or closed jewelry.

Open bounce jewelry has a breakup in them, so it may be opened with rings pliers. Closed bounce jewelry is soldered close all of the manners around so that they can’t be opened. Closed bounce jewelry is available for while you want a robust connector for a bit of jewelry this is both valuable or heavy.

Links and connectors are to be had in an abundance of various patterns and shapes! You’re sure to discover a few in only the proper end for something you’re making. As the call suggests, those are used for connecting rings additives together. You should use those in jewelry, bracelets, or necklaces.

Cord and ribbon ends

If you don’t need to knot your ribbon and wire rings together, you may use wire and ribbon ends which assist you to upload steel solving on your project. You can discover wire leads to spherical and barrel shapes and ribbon ends are commonly flat, with a tooth that sinks into the fabric to stable it.

It’s an awesome concept to apply rings glue while becoming wire and ribbon ends for additional security. These findings have connecting holes and hyperlinks so you can connect chains or a clasp to them.