Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Wigs

In this blog, you’ll get to know about 2 types of wigs and their specifications.

1. Glueless wigs

  • What is it?
  • Benefits
  • Why and how to choose a Glueless wig?

2. Throw on & Go wig

  • Exclusively launched by Luvmehair
  • Installation of Throw on & go wig:

Glueless wig:

Its name says all. You need no glue to install a glueless wig. You just have to secure the wig with adjustable straps and inside combs to fasten the wig on the scalp. It seems realistic and can’t b detect that you’re wearing a wig. The glueless wig is hand-knotted in a seamless fabric that looks natural. 

Glueless wigs are all the rage now because they didn’t require any adhesive to be attached. Glueless wig has two types; lace front wig and full lace glueless wig. Elastic band and clips attached with monofilament cap of glueless wig make sure to avoid any kind of harsh adhesive and the wearer can stay comfortable and relax. 

Now you might be thinking of getting the same comfort this summer. If yes, then go to Luvmehair. Luvmehair’s premium quality glueless wigs are now the apple of the eye of everyone in the fashion industry. Its innovative glueless ability makes it more trendy and innovative. Luvmehair makes 100% human hair glueless wigs. You can buy any glueless wig of your choice from Luvmehair and enhance your comfort level with a natural look.

Benefits of Glueless wig:

  • A glueless wig didn’t harm your scalp and let the hair follicles breathe and keep you comfy all day long.
  • A glueless wig provides utter transparency as it is made in a way that makes it undetectable with the naked eye.
  • The glueless wig is best for those who are allergic to any type of adhesive or tape. It might be expensive but it’s worth buying because of its uniqueness.
  • It can be installed in no time and can be taken off without any hurdle.
  • The glueless wig is ideal for people who’re suffering from hair loss because it provides volume to their hair and you need not worry about harsh adhesive that can stick to your natural hair and cause hair breakage.
  • The glueless wig is a mess-free, time-saving, and easy-to-use wig that allows you to enjoy your wig for a long time while keeping you relax.
  • You can opt for different hairstyles by using a glueless wig because it protects your hair from adhesive and is super easy to install. 
  • A glueless wig comes with elastic straps, combs, and a stretch lace cap that ensure complete security for a wig wearer so you can wear it all day long without fear of the wig falling.
  • Its cap and glueless feature let the scalp and hair breathe and didn’t cause sweat in hair follicles.
  • As glueless wigs require no time to install so it’s becoming trendier among celebrities and working females.

Why and how to choose a Glueless wig?

The glueless wig is the most convenient option for working women. Neither have you needed any adhesive or tape to put on a glueless wig. It didn’t harm your edges, scalp, and natural hairline as it didn’t require any harsh adhesive, equipment, or special skill to install. This alternate wig usually comes with baby hair for a more natural appearance.

If you’ve got a sensitive scalp issue then a glueless wig is for you. But still, you need to consider a few things to buy a glueless wig that values your money. Choose a glueless wig that is made of 100% human hair. Hair strands must be soft with a thick and shiny texture. A human hair wig is more durable and looks more realistic. 

Choose the length of hair according to your preference and desired hairstyle. Never forget to consider the installation method of the wig while choosing a perfect glueless wig. Go for a glueless wig that covers your whole head and offers a natural hairline. Choose a wig that compliments you and you can carry that glueless wig like a pro.

Throw on & Go wig:

This exclusive launch of Luvemehair is the most talked-about wig in a town. It is letting people in awe because of its unique features and quick installation. Throw-on & go wig requires no adhesive, spray, or stylist to wear it. It comes with pre-installed insides and combs that tightly secure the wig. For more protection throw on & go wig has a headband all around the hairline. 

Luvemhair is offering a wide variety of throw on & go wigs so you can opt for any style to slay in no time. if you’re a newbie then this coolest wig is definitely going to be your BFF because it didn’t take more than 2 minutes to wear it. 

Installation of Throw on & Go wig:

The best thing about throw on & go wig is that it lacks a cap. This features of throw on & go wig allows your scalp to breathe and you can stay comfy all day long. It didn’t feel heavy over your head and didn’t make you sweaty even after wearing it all day long. 

The wig is preferred for summer as it didn’t need any glue or tape to adjust it and not damage your natural hair. The flexibility in the installation of throw & go wigs is making it more popular among wig lovers. Let’s talk about the installation of throw on & go wig.

  • For installing a throw on & go wig you don’t need to fix your edges neither you need any spray or adhesive to cut the lace. It comes with 2 combs on the sides and 1 comb at back and an adjustable belt with an extra belt as well to tightly secure the wig. This elastic belt keeps the wig tight on your head. 
  • All you have to do is secure your natural hair with a cap and put on throw on & go wig and adjust its strap around the neck so the wig fits on your head.
  • Now secure combs in the adjustable belt and do the same process with side combs and you’re done. It fits on your head and never tilts even you whip your head. 
  • Brush the wig to get the volume and bounce feel. 
  • If the wig has bangs you can adjust them and cut the bangs according to your preference.
  • You can wash the wig before installation or spray some water mixed with conditioner on the curly throw on & go wig to activate the curls and get the volume in a wig.  
  • Again brush the wig with a wide-tooth comb to get maximum volume and TA DA.

Enjoy the super easy installation of throw on & go wig and let the curls fly in the air.