Entrepreneur Tanyette Evolves Her Music and Cosmetic Empire

Women in 2021 are at the forefront of entrepreneurship, social justice, racial corporate relations, self-empowerment, and political action change in America. Black women are undisputed leaders in a “Man’s World,” and their impact reverberates globally. Black women voices in 2020 amplified to unthinkable heights and attracted Corporate America revenue. Wallstreet and Fortune 500 companies were forced to acknowledge, implement, and execute the “Black Woman’s” agenda.

My neighbor is a domestic violence survivor, and randomly she’ll request to drink champagne from my balcony to reflect on life. It’s a full moon tonight, so the views of Biscayne Bay are breathtaking. She greets me with a bottle of Ace of Spades and a powerful hug of courage. I tell her I’m covering the meteoric rise of Entrepreneur/Major Recording Artist Tanyette. She gently smiles at me and makes the proclamation, “she must be extraordinary to have you writing at 1 AM in the morning”. I stare back at her sipping on Ace of Spades and say: She’ll be an all-time great one day.

God gifted major recording artist Tanyette with an angel’s voice. Tanyette’s musical gift transformed her life and ignited an eternal flame of greatness. Tanyette, a Texas native, understood her purpose in life from adolescence.

Tanyette’s family understood her unparalleled musical ability and the importance of its worldwide impact. Tanyette’s family dynamic compromises include dysfunction, music, love, betrayal, drugs, and unconventional life passion.

Tanyette’s music career commercially launched in 2014 with the track “Fireworks.” DJs, FM radio programmers, industry power-players, the Facebook community, and local Texas residents were blown away by the graceful vocal range of Tanyette. Four years later, Tanyette released “So Good” which topped the Top150 Independent Charts on DRT and received radio airplay in 10+ markets nationwide.

Tanyette’s most successful record-to-date blossomed in 2019, with her ground-breaking record “Do You Love Me.” Tanyette located her sound, emotional balance, and vocal rangeability. “Do You Love Me” exploded on FM Radio and social media to critical acclaim.
“Do You Love Me” to date has amassed 500,000+ streams across all streaming platforms in 1.6 months.

Tanyette is CEO of TriShe Cosmetics, and the brand growth increased by 40% in 2020. Tanyette’s strong strategic management company led by Benard Davis has enabled her to soar in 2021.

Tanyette is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE. RADIOPUSHERS is a premier monetization agency for serial entrepreneurs.