Elite Edition: Which character’s wardrobe defines your fashion style

This Español collection was the epitome of design with outfits straight out of a magazine address. Each seem in this series impressed persons from around the entire world. Every design ranging from gothic to sleek to street design and style was showcased in this sequence, offering all the enthusiasts some big style plans.

There could be a probability that you were being far more bent toward Lucrecia’s stylish and refined wardrobe style or you ended up keener in direction of Rebeka’s swanky outfits. Which character’s manner design and style do you extra relate to? Scroll down and find it out on your own.

1. Carla Roson Caleruega

Carla Roson Caleruega

  • -She was a marchioness so it was anticipated that her style in fashion is also heading to be nobel, elegant and extravagant. If your go-to design and style for outfits is magnificent and high-conclude, then Carla is your muse. From her fancy bodycon attire to her flashy extras or even her college outfit that she created stylish with ribbons and ties can absolutely make her one of the most elegant people in the sequence. If you are a particular person who likes to produce high priced vogue with posh outfits or who knows how to carry out the sultriest appears to be, include Carla’s wardrobe design into your assortment.
  • 2. Rebeka Parrilla

    Rebeka Parrilla

  • -She was the edgy queen of this sequence. If your go-to model is quirky mismatched combinations of outfits or if you are into funky and statements seems to be, then Rebeka is your muse. From her whimsical hairstyles to her chokers and fishnets and to her overall body add-ons above snazzy outfits, Rebeka has invented new trend tendencies in just about every episode. If you are a human being who likes to be in the highlight and desires to experiment with distinct forms of manner, who is eclectic and a badass, insert Rebeka’s wardrobe style into your assortment.
  • 3. Lucrecia Montesinos

    Lucrecia Montesinos

  • -The know-it-all princess of the present. If your go-to fashion for outfits is refined, smooth, and ostentatious, Lucrecia is your muse. Her outfits were being normally presentable and she was born-ready for even a spontaneous glitz and glamour occasion. From her extravagant headbands to her modish outfits, she built heads transform so promptly, it gave them a whiplash. If you are a particular person who likes to make grand entries, who likes to stand for by themselves via their outfits, and who is into stylish accent heavy appears especially headbands, incorporate Lucrecia’s wardrobe style into your selection.
  • 4. Cayetana Grajera Pando

    Cayetana Grajera Pando

  • -Cayetana was for certain the most trendy and stylish people in this present. She had an outfit all set for every single probable occasion. If your go-to model is comfy yet more than the prime, then Cayetana is your muse. She manufactured her outfits look so uncomplicated to have but at the similar time oozing with creative imagination and edginess. The aspiring manner designer in the series was certainly the purest epitome of self-expression via fashion. If you are a man or woman who is constantly completely ready for new traits and likes to be impressionable for just about every event, insert Cayetana’s wardrobe design into your collection.
  • 5. Ariadna Blanco Commerford

    Ariadna Blanco Commerford

  • -Ari was a charmer with her boy reduce and mini dresses. If your go-to fashion for outfits is significant-course, showy, and elegant, then Ari is your muse. Ariadna had a flavor for smooth, high-class trend with her bralette top and skirt sets, frill dresses, and blazer outfits. She had her seems straight from a runway clearly show. If you are a human being who will select style about convenience and perfection in excess of lazy fashion and who dresses to impress and entice, insert Ari’s wardrobe fashion into your selection.
  • Photo: Elite on Instagram/Twitter