BWW caught up with Will Jackson and the cast of Fashion Spies to chat about bringing the show to the 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Tell us a bit about Fashion Spies.

At fashion weeks across the globe, expensive must-have items have been stolen, and every top-secret agent sent to investigate has been kidnapped! With Britain’s largest event coming up in Burwell-upon-Twynne, the Secret Agency Service has no other choice but to send in their latest spy cadets (the audience) into the field to save the day.

Fashion Spies is a slick, hilarious, action-packed romp, where three actors multi-role as several characters who guide you on your mission. It’s very fast paced and physical. When the audience arrives, they’re given spy packs to help guide them on their mission. These are very high tech and expensive. They include cardboard tubes, coloured cloths and a personalised sticky name badge.

How involved do the audience get?

As much as they want to. They help control the narrative of the show by choosing different options for which way the plot goes throughout the show. It’s fun and engaging, but we never pick on anyone or get anyone up on the stage or anything like that.

What sets it apart from other shows at the festival?

It’s a funny, fast paced, ensemble show and the interactive element makes it really special. It’s also very rare that we get to see inherently queer narratives at the heart of action films or thrillers, so that adds a new dimension too. It’s a camp, ridiculous and bitingly funny show that’s suitable for all the family.

Tell us a bit about the creative team.

It’s produced by Quick Duck Theatre, we’re a midlands-based company and we’ve recently appointed one of the New Vic Theatre’s Associate KILN Companies. It’s written and directed by Will Jackson (a theatre maker who’s made a name for himself creating fantastic, queer, comedic work), and Maria Terry is our fabulous designer who’s put the Fashion in Fashion Spies. She’s a real visionary who has sustainability at the heart of her practice, it’s been so exciting to making the show with her and she’s really elevated it to new heights.

Who would you recommend comes to see it?

Everyone! Whether you’re a spy film fanatic or a fabulous fashionista, this show is suitable for everyone aged 7+. A lot of audiences have described it as a bit like an outrageous Pixar film. So although it’s suitable for kids, there’s stuff for adults in there too.

Photo Credit: Graeme Braidwood Photography

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