Dallaire Consultants Supports Retail Sector as Six Employees Become Shareholders of the Engineering Firm

Since its inception in 1996, Dallaire Consultants, an engineering firm specializing in building mechanics and electricity, has been involved in more than 8,000 projects.

Through that time and all those projects, one thing has remained constant for the business founded in Saint-Lambert, near Montreal – an unwavering commitment to its clients, considering them true partners in any business dealings.

Dallaire recently announced that six of its employees have become shareholders to carry on the torch into the future of the company’s deeply rooted success in the industry.

Philippe Dallaire

Dallaire was founded to serve a market, the retail sector, that was under-served by the big engineering firms. In its early years, the retail sector was its primary focus before branching out to other real estate properties.

“We’re an established player in retail. We know the condition. We know what matters to our clients. We know the landlords, basically what the approach for a project is and what the constraints are, so we can guide clients to make the right choices at the right time,” said Gabriel Jean, a professional engineer, department director for the electrical department and one of the company’s new shareholders.

The company has worked across Canada in the residential, commercial, institutional, municipal and industrial building sectors to analyze and design building mechanical and electrical systems to create healthy, comfortable and friendly spaces. 

Dallaire supports businesses from the selection of spaces to the assessment of the building’s life cycle. It’s in its culture – a 360 degree vision in every project it executes.

In all it does, Dallaire is guided by its values – customer satisfaction, communication, teamwork, productivity, adaptability and innovation.

Odea Montreal (Image: Dallaire)
Odea Montreal (Image: Dallaire)

Dallaire Consultants believes the satisfaction of its customers reflects the happiness of its own staff and the quality of its expertise allows the company to get involved in various projects and sectors.

The company has about 50 employees and recently it announced that six employees would become shareholders.

Founder and engineer Phillippe Daillaire developed in recent years a corporate culture focused on valuing its employees and preparing for the next generation.

“With nearly 50 employees and more than 25 years of continuous growth, it made sense for the company, for the team, and for myself, to leave the company to key employees so that they could ensure its sustainability. Here is a project as motivating as it is mobilizing for young people internally, not to mention that I am delighted to see them move forward and develop this company with their own vision,” he said. 

Image: Dallaire

Six of the leaders in the company became shareholders joining Mario Pouliot, who took control of the ship as the CEO. Philippe Dallaire will remain on the board of directors for a few more years, as a resource person with corporate memory. The new shareholders are Jean-Vincent Fafard, Gabriel Jean, Dounia Kattan-Méthot, Danny Laberge, Anthony Poirier, and Mathieu Tremblay.

The company’s culture over the years, and throughout the pandemic, has been built around the pillars of team spirit, great flexibility, creativity, challenges, recognition, and camaraderie.

“I wanted to pass the torch internally to those who are imbued with our mission, our values. It was the best alternative to preserve the company’s DNA and honour our young talents. All the elements had been moving in this direction for a few years. The team is growing despite the shortage of manpower, talent is developing and multiplying, our customers appreciate us greatly, contracts are pouring in, and the atmosphere is at its best,” said Phillippe Daillaire.

“This young generation always arrives with new knowledge, creative ideas, and pride. They have everything to continue the work, and we have every reason to trust them. We have trained wisely to come to this transition. It was not a sprint but a marathon. In this latter half of 2022, it is time to conclude this major project and give way to our recruits.”

The new shareholders have an average age of 37.

Imperia Condominiums (Image: Dallaire)

“The values I feel, including open-mindedness, collaboration, proximity, and the power to make things happen, have always attracted me to Dallaire. The future is bright for all of us,” said Dounia Kattan-Méthot, Director of Operations, Culture, and Talent. 

Danny Laberge, mechanical project manager, said Dallaire is “a beautiful company that has values in the right place. We surround ourselves with the best employees, involving everyone’s passions. We have a great pleasure to work collectively.”

“We have a dedicated and stable team that has over the years developed methods and knowledge to provide the best results possible for our clients in the retail sector and make sure that we deliver constant quality no matter what the project is,” added Gabriel Jean.

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