Crafted By Mei [Malaysia] – Charm Bracelet, Custom Made Keychain Photos, Bead Pearl Jewelry Handmade: 14k: Scarlet

To be honest, I have never really liked red. I’m more of a pink-purple person. Red just seems too loud, too bold for me. But this piece turned out to be a surprise 🙂

The butterflies and the heart beads are made of the same material. 

Both have random specks on one side of the bead, really cute.

The reflective blue light seen on the rivoli crystals are real, not a camera trick 😉

In fact, the red diagonal cube crystals have it too.

(PS. Under my materials list, any beads with AB tagged to it denotes that one of its surfaces have reflective coating)

I really like how this bracelet turned out, despite it being very much red with little difference between its shades, there’s just this hint of sweetness and classiness to it. Which are exactly the adjectives I wouldn’t have used to describe the colour red. 

So, if you’re like me who has never been quite fond of red, here’s one that I hope will change your mind 😉


Dark Red AB Diagonal Cube Crystal Bead

Champagne Flat Wheel Crystal Bead

Matte Light Red Horizontal Butterfly Lucite Bead

White Fresh Water Pearl

Red AB, White AB Rivoli Crystal Bead

Red Vein Agate Stone Bead

Matte Light Red Heart Lucite Bead


RM 40.00


Materials out of stock, no further remakes available, sorry!

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