Call Of Duty Devs Discuss Whether Cosmetics Will Transfer To Warzone 2

Call of Duty: Warzone is currently in its third season of Vanguard integration, but with the recent announcement of Warzone 2 being developed alongside this year’s upcoming Modern Warfare 2, players are still waiting to find out if their cosmetic items will transfer to the new game. Unfortunately, The Washington Post’s recent interview with Warzone developers didn’t provide a definitive answer.

On April 29, a journalist for The Washington Post’s Launcher sat down with Warzone developers Josh Bridge, who is the creative lead of Call of Duty live ops, and Ted Timmons, senior creative director at Raven Software. While the discussion was mainly focused on Godzilla and Season 3’s big changes, the last portion of the interview touched on the future of Warzone, and the interviewer asked the developers if players’ skins and other cosmetics would transfer over to Warzone 2.

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Unfortunately, a clear yes or no answer isn’t provided. Instead, Bridge explained that this is a new challenge for the developers, as past Call of Duty games usually only have a one-or two-year cycle of content. Warzone is currently “bloated” with content from three separate titles, which developers previously mentioned was a cause of problems for Caldera’s initial rocky launch in Vanguard’s Season 1.

“It’s a technology discussion,” Bridge said. The developer is still working through how to deal with such massive inventory management, so players will likely be waiting for some time for an announcement about any cosmetic inventory that may or may not transfer to Warzone 2.

Activision is still holding back on details, but the publisher recently teased that Warzone 2 will have “groundbreaking innovations” to be revealed later this year. Additionally, here is everything we know so far about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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