Best aromatherapy candles: aromatic scents to help you relax

Investing in one of the best aromatherapy candles will fill your home with scents that will relax, uplift, and balance your mood. Whether you’re craving a spa retreat but don’t have the time, or are on the hunt for a fragrance to help you unwind after a long day, aromatherapy is a powerful tool. 

Aromatherapy candles differ from regular scented candles as they are made using a blend of only wax and essential oils. The essential oils give the candle its fragrance, often making aromatherapy candles stronger—and for the most part—cleaner. These naturally-scented candles are safer to burn in closed spaces, as they aren’t made using synthetic or artificial ingredients, so you can burn them with the assurance that they won’t fill the air with toxins that your family or pets will breathe in.