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Types of Invitation Papers to Know Before Making

For everyone who wants to make wedding invitations, they often leave everything to the printing press. Even though you can ask what type of invitation paper to use if you know the types. Like the following types of invitation paper that can be used.

1. Jasmine Paper

This type of invitation paper has a texture that has glitter. Usually this type of paper is used in every printing press when making wedding invitations. This type of paper cannot go through the printing process. This type of jasmine paper can only use the emboss or deboss technique. Now because this type of paper tends to be difficult to absorb ink, it is not recommended to go through the printing process with ink, because it will take a long time in the drying process.

2. Art Paper

This type of invitation paper has a smooth surface and has a glossy effect . Besides being able to be made into invitations, this type of paper is commonly used for making hanging calendars. However, it is different in making invitations, this type of paper is used as an outer or inner hardcover of the invitation, but can also be used for the contents of the invitation. The results of invitations with this type of paper will look more luxurious if they are laminated with doff, glossy, or UV.

3. Art Carton

This type of paper is the same as art paper, only the difference is the grammar. The type of art carton invitation paper tends to be thicker than art paper . Usually the use of art carton tends to be for product tags and the like. But not infrequently some people choose this art carton to be used as invitation-making paper.

4. Ivory Paper

Is a type of invitation paper that combines art paper , art carton , and matte paper . This type of paper is very good when combined with a unique design. For this reason, it is very suitable to be used as a wedding invitation, and of course by displaying a unique design.

5. Matt Paper

This type of invitation paper, at a glance, will have similarities with art paper , but if you look more clearly this type of paper has differences. Matt paper does not have a glossy color , and absorbs ink faster. For this reason, this type of paper is more often used to make wedding invitations.

Those are the types of invitation paper that you should know before going to the printing press and making invitations. Well, if you are looking for a printing press but don’t have much time to leave the office or home, you can print online at wedding invites printing. You can determine what kind of invitation design you want to use. In addition, you can also order the type of paper you want to use along with the required size.