Alicia Keys Just Added Color Cosmetics to Her Beauty Line

Photo credit: Keys Soulcare

Photo credit: Keys Soulcare

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If you count yourself as a fan of singer, producer, and beauty founder Alicia Keys’ skincare line Keys Soulcare, as well as one of a no-fuss makeup look, the latest installment in the brand’s offerings should be right up your alley. Available now, Keys Soulcare has released a new Color Care collection called Make You, consisting of five hero products: the Comforting Tinted Lip Balm, Stay Soft Brow Gel, Cheek Tint, Complexion Brush, and best-selling Illuminating Serum (which is currently out of stock).

As opposed to simply quick essentials for a five-minute makeup look, the new collection is created to enhance and celebrate the user’s natural beauty using formulas that echo the larger skin- and soul-nourishing intention of the overall Keys Soulcare line. “I think that’s the reason why we wanted to call it make you,” Keys tells of the new collection. “It’s about what you want to look like, you choosing what you want to look like. And that’s why we really made the washes buildable—you can go quite strong or go quite sheer. I’m not here to tell you that you’re supposed to be more fresh faced, that’s not what I’m here to say. And I want to make that very clear.”

In addition to containing a bevy of clean ingredients like avocado and sunflower seed oils, the Color Care collection also features a number of positive affirmations on each bottle—including “I put myself first” and “I am bright and beautiful”—to guide each application ritual. “Those affirmations are so important to me, because they’ve been a tool that I’ve learned to use in order to get through the everyday,” says Keys. “And a lot of times you can wake up and feel out of it, you know? You don’t feel like you have all the answers, or as clear, or confident, or whatever it might be. And so these affirmations are really created as a part of the ritual so you can start with words that kind of give you a new way to think about things.”

Even if you aren’t one for affirmations, Keys says they’re an important part of the ritual: “Because they ground you and remind you of what you can be as opposed to just rushing through, being done, and then going off into the world feeling scattered. So that’s the that’s the reason why the affirmations exist, and built into the entire ethos of the company.”

Photo credit: Keys Soulcare

Photo credit: Keys Soulcare

While the Color Care collection is reflective of Keys’s current day-to-day essentials, its versatility and buildable formulas also make it easy for the star to fluctuate between makeup looks based on her mood and specific needs. “I love this routine, it’s totally me,” says Keys. “I find that the Cheek Tint is the thing that really allows you to look like you have [added refinement], so I’ll pick one of my colors sometimes just based on its affirmation. Like I’ll say, ‘I need a little power today,’ I’m going for that color. Or just, ‘I like the orange shade right now so I’m going to go orange.’ Then I add the brow gel and of course our lip tinted balm which is so good. And then depending what you want, you can add a little concealer or mascara or whatever for a little more, or just leave the look there.”

Regardless of what you choose, you can at least get a bit of Keys’ signature glow in your routine. Because as she says, the new products are “a definite, clear representation of what I’m doing in the morning, for sure.”

The Keys Soulcare Color Care Collection is available to shop now at

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