According to Rihanna, Women Should Smell ‘However TF They Want to Feel’

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Screenshot: Rihanna (Instagram)

It goes without the need of expressing that gender norms impact all of us, with girls (and/or these presenting as femme)—and girls of color, in particular—often traditionally bearing the brunt of gender-based mostly discrimination and marginalization. From our bonnets to our entire body shapes, overall body hair and even organic entire body odors, women of all ages are assessed, critiqued and policed—and even as she enters the fragrance recreation one particular poor lady seems to have experienced adequate.

“We’re fucked up most of the time—and it’s not mainly because we wanna be that way,” claims Rihanna in a trailer for Fenty Parfum dropped on Sunday. “It’s mainly because we’re dealt a hand, and guess what? We really don’t run from it, we offer with it. And so, you want me to explain to you what a girl is intended to odor like? However the fuck they want to feel.”


The message is also evident in the fragrances’ composition, explained as: “Complex, vivid, raw, sensual, spicy and sweet all at the moment…a deeply intimate fragrance that is almost everything you truly feel, every thing you are and everything you want to be!”

What does that suggest in olfactory conditions? Formulated with Louis Vuitton Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, who describes the formulation as a “love elixir” (h/t The Slash) the distinct deep amber flacon (“Brown is my favored coloration. Brown is who I am. Brown is what I occur from,” states Rih) retains leading notes of tangerine and blueberry with middle notes of Bulgarian rose, geranium and magnolia and foundation notes of musk and patchouli. And whilst the new billionaire (“God is good,” she notes) only refers to ladies in her teaser for the very predicted scent, curiously adequate, it’s meant to be unisex. In simple fact, “interesting” and “expensive” seemed to be the most reliable reactions of several on the internet reviewers who copped an early sample.

“It does not give you male, it does not give you female…” suggests YouTuber Kensthetic, pointing out that the scent (which she “really, genuinely loved”) also smelled seasonless and “luxe.” IamTeshaMarie agreed that Fenty Parfum smells “expensive,” including “I would not say this is anything that a whole lot of women of all ages would love I sense like extra adult men would appreciate this fragrance than women,” when also conceding that she liked how it reacted with her overall body chemistry, as very well.

Of study course, scents are completely subjective—and we’re practically getting the effect that this fragrance was especially made to scent-shift, relying on the wearer. At $120 for each bottle for a 2.5 ounce bottle, it’s likely fantastic that it’s shareable, though possibly it’s worth it, due to the fact sampler BriBeatss exclaimed that like she “smelled like a million dollars.”

Or is that a billion pounds? Locate out on Tuesday, August 10 when the Fenty fragrance hits shelves all over the place.