A New Philosophy To Serve Global Fashion Industry

ProEx Fashion Private Limited is a leading apparel manufacturer and exporter based in Gurugram, India. Their vision is to be a reliable manufacturing partner on whom the international clothing brands can depend on while undertaking the success journey in the fashion world. They are committed to serve the global fashion industry as a solution-oriented manufacturing organization which places them on the top of their game.

As the Director of the company, Puneet Tandon, says “we believe in the philosophy of Passion, Performance, and Progress. We believe in serving our clients with passion, putting our best foot forward to perform each day and making small progress every day as small progresses bring big results over a period of time.”

The process of apparel manufacturing is a daunting task and clothing brands based in Europe and USA are too focused on their markets and it is in their best interest to leave this daunting task to the experts who can provide complete solutions to them, deliver highest quality products, and that too on time.

The company employs more than 300 people and is growing rapidly as they continue to focus more and more on export markets like Europe, USA, and Australia.

Puneet Tandon & Sheetal Tandon
Directors, ProEx Fashion Private Limited

As Puneet mentions, “exports are the most important sector for an economy as it generates employment, accelerates innovation, brings in foreign exchange, and fuels growth not only directly but indirectly too in allied sectors.”

A lot has been done by the previous and the current governments, but a lot needs to be done. We are still the third or fourth largest apparel exporter and the gap between the leading apparel exporter, viz China and India is more than three times. If we just look at the apparel industry, we have a long journey ahead.

The current government can really help the textile industry by easing up GST compliance norms, accelerating the tax refunds, improving the port facilities, and providing single window service to the exporters for all their concerns.

He says, “In this journey of becoming a leading exporting country, we have come a long way, but a lot needs to be done as we are a country of 1.3 billion people and we are still not among the top 5 exporting countries of the world.”

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