5 Raunchy Activities to Try on Your Honeymoon

10 Super SEXY Ideas To Make Your Honeymoon Even Hotter!

Your honeymoon is something that has been a long time coming. You’ll have spent many months – even years – arranging your wedding, and once it’s over, you’ll be looking forward to spending some time with your new spouse and finally relaxing after being stressed about getting the wedding itself just right. 

With that in mind, you’ll want your honeymoon to be idyllic, whether you’ve opted for two weeks all-inclusive in the sun or you’ve booked a couple of nights in a nearby hotel for a treat. Your honeymoon is less about where you go and more about how you spend it together, so here are some raunchy activities to try on your honeymoon to ensure you remember it forever. 

Get Some Toys

If you want to have some real fun on your honeymoon, browsing wetforher.com and buying some exciting toys to use together is going to set things off on the right track right away. Doing this can make the anticipation last for weeks or longer as you can start looking well before the wedding and make sure you pack everything you want to take with you. By the time you get to your destination, you’ll want to head to the bedroom immediately. 

Go Dirty Dancing 

If you head off somewhere with clubs, music, and dancing, make sure you join in. ‘Dirty’ dancing (dancing in which there is a lot of body contact) is sexy in itself, and when you add in the loud music and fun atmosphere, you’ll find you have a great time. Wear something that makes you feel great and enjoy the party – the one in the club and the one in your hotel room afterward. 

Bathe Together

This tip will depend somewhat on the bathroom in your hotel, and it might not be possible everywhere, but if you can do it, you should. If there is a bath in your room, get some essential oils, perhaps some rose petals, and run a steamy bath. Pour some wine, light some candles, and get into the water together. 

Role Play

Role playing at home can be awkward as you feel a little embarrassed to be pretending to be other people in such familiar surroundings. When you’re on honeymoon, however, and you’re somewhere entirely new, role play can work out perfectly. Sit at the bar in the hotel or at a club and have your new spouse join you, buy you a drink, and pretend not to know one another. Where will things lead? Or take some time in the hotel room to explore some exciting fantasies that you haven’t tried at home. 

Go Skinny Dipping

Not every honeymoon destination is going to be ideal for skinny dipping, but if yours is, then why not try it? Not only is being naked with your partner exciting in itself, but because it’s such a unique experience, you’re sure to remember it, especially if it’s a dark beach and you’re all alone. You can dry one another off, too, and that’s always going to be fun. 

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