3 Ways to Digitize Your Promotional Custom Flags

Do you have an excellent flag marketing campaign for your brand and a customer-friendly website to back it up? Why not unite these online and offline marketing tools to expand your brand’s popularity? After all, both traditional marketing tools and new-age, digital marketing tools are equally important for businesses. 

  • Digital marketing tools are easier to access for target customers. But, they’re not as trustworthy as traditional print marketing materials. 
  • According to the International News Media Association, 82% of Internet users trust traditional, print ads over digital ads. 

By combining your online and offline marketing efforts, you can address the limitations that both traditional and digital marketing have. But how can you digitize your custom flags? How can you bring these vibrant, weather-resistant outdoor promotional tools into the digital age? Well, there are 3 proven “digitization” strategies that work with most print marketing materials. 

Here’s how you can revolutionize your flag marketing campaigns by applying these three techniques –

  1. Digital CTAs

Some marketers design their marketing flags to be vibrant, eye-catching, and aesthetically pleasing. People see such flags and think positively of the brands behind them. This is passive, traditional marketing. To digitize this form of flag marketing, you’ll have to make these flags provoke digital responses from target audiences.

What are “digital responses”? Well, any message that encourages target audiences to actively interact with the brand digitally can elicit a “digital response.” You basically have to use the right calls-to-action (CTAs) to encourage customers to check out your brand’s digital presence. Here are some examples of digital CTAs for your promotional flags –

  • ‘Talk to Us’ – Visit our customer care page to get free consultation
  • ‘Let’s Do It!’ – Upload your picture on Instagram, tag our account, and get 40% off.
  • ‘Get a Free Product’ – Visit our website in the next 24 hours to get free products.

These digital CTAs can encourage target audiences to take specific actions on the Internet. Track any customer who takes these actions. Use data and analytics to find out which types of “digital CTAs” work the best. Keep posting specific, clear, and action-oriented calls to action on your promotional flags.

  1. Integrate QR Codes in Your Flags

What if your marketing flags aren’t big enough to feature nine or ten-word calls to action? Well, you can “digitize” these flags even more by replacing all the text with QR codes.

  • Integrate unique QR codes into each marketing flag. These codes are cheap & easy to generate. Your flag sellers can easily custom-print these small codes on your promotional flags.
  • Ask customers to scan these codes using their smartphone cameras. Their phones have automatic code-readers that can read the coded data.
  • The coded data can feature your company’s website links, social media profiles, etc. Anyone who scans the codes on your promotional flags will be automatically redirected to these pages.

QR codes simplify the process of connecting with customers.

  1. Discounts

Why would an average shopper visit the website or scan the QR code printed on a random promotional flag? Well, if they have the incentive to do so, they will without thinking twice. Give your target audiences the incentive to reach out to you. Give discounts to anyone who visits your company’s web pages via your marketing flags.

Infuse these 21st-century technological solutions into your flag marketing campaigns!