6 Advantages of Using a Custom Tablecloth at an Event

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When attending an event, chances are that you noticed many businesses and organizations use custom tablecloths at their booth. But why do so many companies display table covers at an event? They might seem like simple solutions for decorating event spaces, but there are many advantages to having custom-made tablecloths at events. Here are some of the reasons why businesses choose these as their go-to marketing displays.

Table Covers Are Great for Branding

Rather than just using simple, stock color tablecloths to cover their tables and pull an entire booth together, companies choose to get them custom printed with a design. These graphics usually include their branding, slogan, and an eye-catching design. Using a personalized table cover rather than a standard stock color one makes it easier to grab the attention of people passing by a booth due to the vibrant print. Think about it, you’re more likely to notice a tablecloth if it’s different than others around you. They are also an easy way of increasing brand awareness because the more people that pass by and see the print, the more people will become familiar with the logo and remember it. While it may seem like a very simple way of decorating a booth, it’s more effective than it looks.

They Come in All Kinds of Styles

Another reason why many businesses will utilize custom tablecloths is because they come in a wide range of styles to accommodate all kinds of tables. Not only can custom tablecloths be used on the standard rectangular table, but they can also be used on tables of varying sizes and shapes, such as smaller, circular tables. The table covers themselves also come in a variety of styles. You might see the standard drape at one table, while another booth might use tablecloths that contour to the shape of the table using a stretch fabric. Custom tablecloth vendors like Vispronet offers so many options and a variety of styles. Tablecloths don’t just have to have the branding front in center, they can also be added to different sides to maximize a brand’s exposure. 

Tablecloths Are Versatile and Easy to Setup

One of the main reasons why an organization might choose a tablecloth over another display is because of how easy it is to use. They don’t take up any space other than what a table takes up, unlike other, larger displays. This means that if a company must use a limited space, they can still have plenty of advertising space. You also won’t see tablecloths at only a certain kind of event. You’ll see them at all kinds of functions, from professional business gatherings to craft fairs to niche conventions. They do not require a lot of setup time, especially compared to other displays. All you need to do is drape them over a table and you’re ready to promote a brand.

They Can Be Reused at Multiple Function

Some displays are designed to be used at one function and then go in the trash. Because of the versatility and simplicity of table covers, they can be reused at more than one event. If a company uses their table cover for branding that is beneficial for all kinds of events rather than just one, they can be used many more times. It is important, however, to look for a high-quality tablecloth if you plan on reusing it for multiple events. Take time and see what fabrics and printing techniques will last the longest and don’t always go for the cheapest option.

Tablecloths Complement a Table Display

When you have a table at an event, you might have workers or employees sit at the table to meet with clients and customers, however you may have miniature displays, catalogues, or small products on top of the table. You can customize a tablecloth that corresponds with what’s on the table for a sleek, professional appearance. If you have branded displays on top of the table, create a table cover that will complement them. If you are offering free samples or giveaways on the table, personalize the cover with a message that will generate interest. Custom tablecloths don’t just have to be printed with a business or organization logo; they can also spread a message to a large audience.

They Are Affordable Advertisements

Finally, one of the big reasons why businesses like using tablecloths is because they are much more affordable than other advertisements. Because custom tablecloths are lightweight and simple marketing solutions, they rarely cost more than $200 each, allowing you to purchase several for a low price. This is very beneficial for small or up and coming businesses that don’t have a large marketing budget. Since they are also reusable, they will save any company money in the long run.

These advantages are why you’ll see many companies use table covers in their booths at tradeshows, conferences, festivals, etc. While other marketing displays might seem flashier, tablecloths are a simple way of getting noticed and raising brand recognition. If you have a business, customize a tablecloth for your next event and see how easy it is.

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